Winter Beer Launch Tasting

Guided Tasting Session With Our 6 New Winter Beers

To celebrate the arrival of winter we have launched and relaunched 6 beers that highlights a range of what we are as a brewery. We decided it was too good for us to miss out on so we took the brewery staff down to the event to share our creations.

For the participants we produced a range of tasting notes to log down the flavours and experiences of each of the beers. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 14.24.25.png



At the tasting itself we used our horse shoe tasting bar which is great for getting people together and chatting about the beers. 

The participants got the chance to find out which of the lineup they liked best and were able to talk with our brewers. This not only provided great feedback for ourselves but also allowed them to learn about the techniques used in a particular brew to gain inspiration for themselves.